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“Surfer that does not progress, have not enough resources!”

-Martin Karner, Founder

Surfing is amazing sport, but one of the hardest to progress!

As surfers we are dependent on the mother nature and on what she provides. Taking in account the crowds, consistency of waves, fitness and our skills it is no surprise, that progress can be slow. Martin have created Surfer Progress to help you improve at surfing ASAP no matter how often you surf.

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Our easy-to-follow online coaching is made in mind with surfer lifestyle! We go in depth while keeping it short, easy to understand and implement so that you don’t miss next amazing session. Unlock your surfer progress today!


Community Progress

Martin helped me to finally progress. I was stuck with my surfing level and took the online coaching with video analysis. There are so many valuable things and it’s easy to fix your mistakes with the Surfer Progress method. Having the best sessions of my life since. Thank you.

I am surfing for 4 years and thought that I am good surfer as I was able to generate good speed and make nice turns. However, on the pictures and videos something was off and I didn’t know what it was. Since I took the coaching, I learned that my foot position and weight distribution was wrong. I was able to improve literally in one session and now I have much more fun and people say to me that I improved so much.

I enjoyed Martins coaching as it was really easy to understand what I am doing wrong. I don’t feel like beginner anymore. Thank you Martin.

About Martin

Martin have created Surfer Progress, because he was able to help a lot of friends to improve very fast. With Surfer Progress his teachings can have much higher reach and he believes that everybody can skyrocket their progress with proven methods inside of the Surfer Progress courses and coaching. Surfer ASAP system helped him to get from surfer not able to paddle and stand up on foamie to doing vertical snaps in just 4 years (surfing only at holidays).


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Online Surf Coaching

You got some videos or photos? Martin will analyze your surfing (any level) and will give you step-by-step plan how to improve your mistakes.


Shred ASAP Method – Course

Looking to improve your surfing immediately? Shred ASAP is a surf course made for people that don’t surf every day, and want to unlock their potential as quickly as possible with proven methods even without getting into water.

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