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Got some photos or videos and want to skyrocket your progress? I will analyze your surfing and give you plan on how to improve as fast as possible even without hitting the water.

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Skyrocket your surfing!

Why online coaching?
You are probably reading this because you feel stuck and don’t know how to progress with your surfing or you feel that your progress is too slow and you start to enjoy sessions less and less. It is completely normal that you don’t feel like you progress, as we are spending just 8% of the session riding the wave, 54% is paddling and 28% waiting for the waves.

Simply said –  you have to progress outside of the water. Acquired dry skills you will have to then take with you to the water and you will see how many sessions you wasted because you were trying to improve in the water.

Online video/photo analysis of your surfing by Martin will skyrocket your progress as you will get feedback, tips and action plan targeted to your style and level of surfing.


Stop wasting your time and get tailored tips and feedback for you so you can finally rip!


Read frequently asked questions and answers.

Is it for my skill level?2022-08-12T14:00:27+00:00

Online video/photo analysis with coaching is suitable to all skill levels as you are getting feedback and action plan tailored to your style and level of surfing.

What is the delivery time of my analysis?2022-08-12T14:15:57+00:00

We will deliver your analysis in 2-3 days from receiving your photos/videos.

How to upload videos or photos for analysis?2022-08-12T14:17:51+00:00

You can send us your videos/photos by e-mail or by file sharing platform as WeTransfer. You will be given instructions by e-mail after your order is confirmed.

Can I get refund?2022-08-12T14:43:30+00:00

We are confident in quality of our content. We offer 30 days money back guarantee if for any reason you are not satisfied.

What is the action plan?2022-08-12T19:29:43+00:00

Martins method of coaching is unique, because he is not just giving you wise tips and tricks. With online coaching and analysis you will get simple steps on what to do outside of the water and in the water to unlock your surf potential. Say goodbye to wasted sessions :)

How is analysis delivered?2023-04-12T01:08:30+00:00

Analysis will be recorded by Martin with screen recording while doing live annotations on your videos/photos. Final video will be sent to you by e-mail. Or simply jump on together on a call.


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